Dan Sena for State

Dan, a former Dreamer from Brazil, has lived the American Dream, against great odds and difficult struggles. He was the first Brazilian immigrant elected to a state legislature in America and one of the first former Dreamers elected in the country.

Dan’s victories in the general elections of 2022 and 2020 and in the special election of June 2, 2020 sent a strong signal that the democratic values about opportunity, hard work, and inclusiveness are alive and well in Massachusetts, at a very difficult time in our country’s history

Thank you for your support!

Campaigning in the time of COVID was uncharted territory for us all, but with the support of our amazing volunteers and the voters of the 37th Middesex, Dan Sena has been elected!

Endorsed by Jen Benson, Former Rep for 37th Middlesex

Now more than ever it is critical to have public officials we can trust, who believe in science, and will listen to expert recommendations on how to keep us safe and healthy. I believe Dan Sena is the best candidate to represent the 37th Middlesex District and who will work to ensure we get the resources we need for now and into the future

Endorsed by State Senator Jamie Eldridge

"If you know Dan, he has a strong sense of outrage for injustices committed by the powerful against the people. I strongly believe he will have this same fighting spirit for the people of the 37th Middlesex District. … [Dan and his wife] are about as close to the American Dream as I know, and I believe Dan’s struggles as an immigrant will make him a fighter at the State House, representing the interests of the people of the 37th Middlesex District over corporate special interests, and being an independent leader.​"

On the Issues


Medicare For All

Immigration Rights, Social and Racial Justice

100% Renewable Energy

public transportation

Transparency in our Government

Reproductive rights

Election Reform

Progressive Taxation

LGBTQ Rights

Affordable Housing

Free Universal Pre-K

Protecting the environment

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